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CD meditatie Dhyana -50%

Cod produs: CD20057
Disponibilitate: In Stoc
Pret: 35,00 lei
17,50 lei

fara TVA: 14,71 lei
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CD pentru meditatie Dhyana

Instrumente: bol muzical tibetan,tobe. Vocal.

"The purpose of this CD is to focus the meditation in the highest state of being and doing. This CD is the result of many years experience with singing bowls in therapy, relaxing, meditation, balancing, recording and teaching. 

After these experiences we start to share other experieces in a new dimension. To explain it better, we united the experiences from the east and the west, mixing different kind of drums together with the singing bowls. This mix is combining two kinds of meditation. The first with the powerful vibration and very celestial sounds of the singing bowls and the second with the emotional rhythm and strong sound of the drums. The first tracks should clear your mind and fill up your heart with feelings. The perfect combination betweeen heartbeat and loose melodies to open your mind and set peace in your heart. In two words: pure meditation.

In the second track the quietness of the singing bowls is mixed with the drums in the same tones from the low to the high ones. This special combination touches and moves the chakras and sets free new energy, activates the chakras and looses tension. The inner "kundalini" meditation is growing. With the third track the meditation is reaching it's highest point of exression. So while listening to the CD,  the message first and second track concentrate and raise during the third track and allow you to reach the highest kind of meditation. 

The meditative drumming growing together with the voice is spreading feeling of the composition to you and is supporting a deep concentration."


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